Getting help

When should you ask a question and when you should figure things out for yourself? Here's how we do it in our lab.

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Tech troubleshooting

99% of issues are user-error, even for the most experienced tech guru

If you are having a tech related issue, keep in mind that 99% of issues are user-error (you spelled something wrong, forgot to hit enter between commands, etc). You have to type commands in exactly right, in exactly the right order, or the computer won't understand you and things won't work.

The very first (and second, and third) thing you should do is close everything (to allow it to reset) and try again, slowly and carefully. If your start troubleshooting by assuming you made an error entering in the commands, you'll be capable of fixing most bugs on your own.

Updating the wiki

If you find an answer that isn’t already on the wiki, share what you’ve learned with the rest of the lab by editing the wiki.

Questions as bugs

If you've tried everything and you still need help, add your question as a bug in the bug tracker. Include a summary of what you've already tried (or where you've already looked) and what has you stumped.