Helpful people

There are lots of people at Penn who can help with stuff you want to do. Here is a list of the people I’ve emailed and the reason why:

Computer and tech

Rich King |

Rich is the local support person (LSP) for the linguistics department. He's the person to go to whenever you're having computer/tech issues or want to purchase computers/tech stuff. If you are wanting to purchase, you should also CC Amy Forsyth on those emails (she can help determine the right avenue for the purchase).

Erin Fallon |

If you want to purchase a cell phone or wireless hotspot, you can contact Erin Fallon. She's also available at


James Trumbo |

If something is wrong with our space, workers leave tools or mess behind, the AC is broken, etc. James Trumbo is who to contact. He is the Building Manager for 3401 Walnut.


coming soon....


Paying people

Jen McCart |

Jen is the Business Administrator for our department and she is AMAZING. She's the most reasonable, efficient, helpful person I've encountered at Penn. I never hesitate to reach out to her about financial things. Things like giving students raises or paying participants in a unique way -- she's usual the person who can approve such things.

Buying stuff

Amy Forsyth |

Amy is the administrator for the Linguistics department and is usually the person to go to when you have questions about spending money or acquiring resources. If she doesn't know the answer she can usually point you to the person who does.

Subject fees

Bob Bonhage and Sarah Boyer |

We use the ClinCard system to pay research participants and aftercare programs. Bob and Sarah are the ClinCard people who handle our account.

Hiring & HR

Hiring and on-boarding

Brian Clark | and Sean Kirwin |

If you want to hire someone or need help with on-boarding a new hire (background checks, etc), Brian and Sean are the people to go to.


Sheree Bailey |

Sometimes you need to release someone from a position, either for performance reasons or because you need to restructure your organization and it's best to eliminate the position entirely. Sheree is a great resource for these things.

Pat Burns |

If something needs to get escalated, Pat Burns is a good person to reach out to. She's the HR director.

Teaching & advising


Bruce Lenthall | (215) 898-4170 |

Bruce is the Executive Director of the Center for Teaching and learning and is an amazing resource on all things teaching, especially undergraduates.

Emily Elliot | 215-746-2230 |

Emily is the Associate Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning. Bruce tells me that her specialty is assessments.

Kent Peterman | 215-898-7867 |

Kent is the Associate Dean of the College and Director of Academic Affairs. Bruce told me that he’s involved with the Freshman Seminar program and would be a good person to reach out to about courses in which you’d like to target incoming freshman.

Undergraduate advising

Janet Tighe |

Janet is the dean of first-year students and director of academic advising. She’s the person you want to talk to if you are interested in advising first year students. I’m told she assigns the incoming first year students to an advisor, and they need to meet with this advisor at least once before choosing classes.

Undergraduate research

Ann Vernon Gray | 215-746-6488 |

Ann is the Senior Associate Director for Undergraduate Research and the Acting Director of CURF (Center for Undergraduate Research & Fellowships). She’s the person to talk to about undergraduate research.

First-gen students

Marc Lo | 215-898-7947 |

Marc is the Executive Director of Penn First Plus, a program committed to supporting first-gen low income students at UPenn.