How to preregister your experiment


  • Watch the first ~40 minutes of this video on preregistration by the Center for Open Science for an introduction to the process.

Step 1: Draft preregistration

Make a copy of the OSF preregistration google doc and change from editing to suggesting mode. Share the document with everyone on the study team.

This way, when you add things, they'll highlight in green and we can discuss them.

Leave in the informational text so we can refer to it as we draft.

What's included?

You'll be asked for the following information.

  • Study information

    • Title

    • Authors

    • Description

    • Hypothesis

  • Design plan

    • Study type

    • Blinding

    • Additional blinding

    • Study design

    • Randomization

  • Sampling plan

    • Existing data

    • Explanation of existing data

    • Data collection procedures

    • Sample size

    • Sample size rationale

    • Stopping rule

  • Variables

    • Manipulated variables

    • Measured variables

    • Indicies

  • Analysis plan

    • Statistical models

    • Transformations

    • Inference criteria

    • Data exclusion

    • Missing data

    • Exploratory analysis

  • Other

    • Other (optional)

Step 2: Get lab approval

Share your preregistration draft with the study team. Formally, you'll submit a link to your draft (with your pull request) before deploying your experiment. But it's great to share it early so we can discuss.

Step 3: Submit to OSF

Submit the final approved preregistration on the OSF: