Use email & voicemail

How to check the lab's shared email and voicemail

Shared email

In our lab, we communicate with participants via a single shared gmail address ([email protected]) through HubSpot, a free CRM service. Research assistants are responsible for maintaining this inbox via HubSpot and sending friendly, prompt responses to our participants.

Responding to emails

Emails sent to us (at [email protected]) arrive in our Conversations Inbox in Hubspot.

To respond, first assign the email to yourself.

Next, type your response in ‘Reply’.

Finally, mark the conversation as closed, so everyone knows it has been handled.

Assigning emails to others

It is often appropriate to assign the email to someone other than yourself. When you assign an email to someone, they will receive an email notification in their personal email account.

  • you aren’t sure how to respond (assign to whoever is likely to know how, including Katie)

  • appointment bookings or changes (assign to the researcher running the participant)

  • a service we use is expiring or charging us money (assign to Katie)

Viewing closed emails

Coming soon...

Sending a recruitment email

Follow our recruitment protocol.

Shared voicemail

We use a google voice account to make calls and receive voicemail. The account information can be found on basecamp. It works exactly like a real phone but can be operated via a computer—you can make calls, receive calls, and listen to voicemail. The voicemail system is set up so that the lab email receives an email with a transcription (of varying degrees of accuracy) of the voicemail every time someone leaves a voicemail. If this voicemail pertains to something you are working on you can assign that email to yourself and respond to the voicemail, or you can assign that email to whoever should respond to the voicemail so that they know they should call back the person who called. You can listen to the original voicemail under the lab voice google account, just go to