Use lab notebook

How to submit entries to our lab notebook

To simplify things, we moved our previous lab notebook system to our Lab Basecamp in March 2019. Lab members are simply asked to respond to an automatic check-in via the Lab HQ at the end of every week asking: “What did you work on this week?”

What to write

Include at least the number of hours you worked (if you are a student employee) and a brief summary of what projects you worked on and what decisions were made (bulleted lists are fine).

Screenshots and pictures are encouraged, as is commenting on other's entries.


Do I have to respond to this question every week?

Yes, everyone is required to respond to this question every week You don't need to respond if you aren't working that week (sick, vacation, finals, etc.)

Do I have to add the number of hours I worked?

Yes, if you are a student employee (research assistants, programmers, illustrators). I use this value to approve the time you’ve reported each week and pay you. No, if you are anyone else.

Previous system

Prior to March 2019, we used a form submission into a REDCap database. Submission to this lab notebook is now closed, but the database still exists, so we can look back through our records if necessary.