Our events and routines


The lab has a few routines that allow us to set goals, review our progress, and celebrate our achievements. All lab members are expected to attend these routines.

Semester post-mortem: Toward the end of the semester, we hold a semester post-mortem, in which we talk about how the semester went, whether we met our goals, and what we learned and intend to change for the next semester.

Annual self-evaluation and review: Each year in April, everyone in the lab is required to complete a self-evaluation. You’ll send your evaluation to Katie and meet to discuss what is going well and where you can improve.

Annual Spring dinner: The lab is treated to a dinner each Spring (usually in April), in which we get together to celebrate that year’s accomplishments.


We are also invited to attend several other relevant events around Penn.

Trueswell lab meeting: Weekly lab meeting of the Language Development and Language Processing Lab. Content usually includes someone presenting a practice talk, an idea for a research study, or an outside speaker.

Language evolution lab meeting: Weekly lab meeting of the Cultural Evolution of Language Lab. Content usually includes someone giving a practice talk or presenting an idea for a research study.

ILST seminar: Weekly seminar speaker hosted by the Integrated Language Sciences and Technology (ILST) MINDCore initiative.

MINDCore seminar: Weekly seminar speaker hosted by MINDCore.

Dev Group Meeting: Monthly meeting of the Penn Child Development Labs that we like to attend. Content typically includes practice talks by postdocs or grad students that are part of the lab group, or outside speakers with work relevant to group.

Psychology Colloquium: Biweekly speaker series broadly relevant to psychology hosted by the psychology department.

Linguistics seminar: Monthly speaker series hosted by the linguistics department.

Penn Linguistics Conference (PLC): Annual linguistics conference hosted by the Penn graduate students (see our lab wiki for a full list of conferences relevant to our work).