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Publishing and presenting

Lab guidelines and resources for publishing and presenting our work

General advice

  • Never plagiarize
  • Include citations for prolific, lookit, and other tools we use.


Accepted manuscripts

Please take the follow steps when a manuscript is accepted to update our lab records.
  1. 1.
    Add or updated the paper on a preprint server: PsyArXiv or lingbuzz (choose your fav)
  2. 2.
    Celebrate the news on our #Lab Submissions channel with a link to the preprint
  3. 3.
    Create or update the Research Box for the paper including (for each experiment)
    • the preregistration if one exists
    • the materials, including (1) the design sheet cleaned up an annotated such that we could remember what we did several years from now and (2) the experiment code for pcibex and lookit studies.
    • the data as a .csv file (careful to remove identifying information)
    • the code as an .ipynb or .Rmd file - please make sure another researcher could take the data you share and use it to run the analysis code you share.




  • Less is more! Think of the poster as an advertisement for your work. You'll be standing there to explain things to people, so you don't need a wall of text. Make it inviting and easy for someone to get the gist as they are walking by.
  • "Elevator pitch" - prepare a 1-2 min max summary of the poster that you can share with people who visit your poster! 2 minutes is the absolute max; you want them to feel like you are having a conversation with them, not giving a mini talk.
  • Logos
  • Printing posters
    • Spoonflower - fabric poster (recommended by Sarah - people love!)
    • Printing on Penn campus