Publishing and presenting

Lab guidelines and resources for publishing and presenting our work

General advice

  • Never plagiarize

  • Include citations for prolific, lookit, and other tools we use.


Accepted manuscripts

Please take the follow steps when a manuscript is accepted to update our lab records.

  1. Add or updated the paper on a preprint server: PsyArXiv or lingbuzz (choose your fav)

  2. Celebrate the news on our #Lab Submissions channel with a link to the preprint

  3. Create or update the Research Box for the paper including (for each experiment)




  • Less is more! Think of the poster as an advertisement for your work. You'll be standing there to explain things to people, so you don't need a wall of text. Make it inviting and easy for someone to get the gist as they are walking by.

  • "Elevator pitch" - prepare a 1-2 min max summary of the poster that you can share with people who visit your poster! 2 minutes is the absolute max; you want them to feel like you are having a conversation with them, not giving a mini talk.

  • Logos

  • Printing posters

    • Spoonflower - fabric poster (recommended by Sarah - people love!)

    • Printing on Penn campus

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