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Lab Manager


  1. 1.
    Devote time and money to revitalizing our kid lab
  2. 2.
    Cultivate a positive, supportive work environment for our lab members
  3. 3.
    Be ambassador and caretaker of our 3 outreach initiatives: stories in many languages, penn linguistics knowledge base, and linguistics summer camp


  • 10 hours, spread throughout the week however works for you
  • Work in person as often as possible, but remote is fine as needed
  • Daily 3:30pm phone meeting (~15 min) with Katie


  • Announcements - add announcements to Twist and use the Linguistics department form to share lab news and announcements.
  • Calendar - make sure the lab calendar is up to date, including any upcoming events (conference deadlines, talks, etc) and RA work hours.
  • Conferences - remind the lab about important deadlines (abstracts, conference registration, etc); pay any membership dues and book travel for lab members when needed.
  • Course prep - help Katie prepare her courses when needed (includes things TAs can't do, like hiring undergrad LAs, finding materials, buying books, etc).
  • Email - make sure the lab email account is checked regularly and that RAs are handling and organizing emails according to our email protocol.
  • Grad students - welcome new grad students to the lab, make sure they have all they need to carry out their research, make sure they know you are available to help them.
  • Grants - help Katie prepare new grants, submit annual and interim reports for existing grants, and manage projects pertaining to grants.
  • Hiring - hire new lab members when needed by communicating our need to the business office (Janice) and monitoring Workday for any action items.
  • IRB - keep our existing IRB protocols up to date (modifications and continuing reviews) and create new IRB protocols if needed. Make sure the latest IRB documents are on the wiki.
  • List-serv - keep the papafragou-schuler-labs list-serv up to date, adding new lab members and removing people who ask to be removed.
  • Participants - make sure we are treating our participants well: sending friendly, prompt responses, obtaining consent and child assent, paying people, etc.
  • Projects - monitor projects on todoist; check in with lab members to see if you can help (usually making sure their projects or tasks are not getting stalled or stuck somewhere)
  • Purchasing - order supplies when needed (pens, papers, nespresso pods, etc) and make purchases for Katie or other lab members with Katie's approval.
  • RAs - manage undergraduate RAs, including: welcoming new ones, assigning tasks (6 hours per week worth for each student), helping with task follow through, approving time, etc. Encourage them to work in person and keep a regular schedule.
  • Round table - host our research round table meeting every week; make sure lab members are attending regularly (send weekly reminders, set a time that works for people, etc)
  • Space - make sure we maintain a clean, organized, and welcoming lab space for both our lab members and visiting families. Make sure no CS students are squatting in the space.
  • Website - keep the lab website up to date, adding new lab members, publications, and research partners; make sure information for participating families is accurate
  • Wiki - update the wiki with new information, including (but not limited to!) IRB protocols and forms and instructions for running experiments as they evolve.