Basic Instructions

  1. Be sure the reservoir has water. The reservoir is removable and can be filled in the engineering kitchen.

  2. Turn on machine to heat water.

  3. Insert pod into slot (pod should be inserted on its side with the flat cap facing you).

  4. Place mug under spout and select your size!

A copy of these basic instructions can be found on the wall next to the nespresso machine. Likewise a list of which colored pod is which flavor can be found there too, so that you can check which coffee you are drinking!

I often make 2 shots from the same pod to make a larger size coffee. If you want to do this, be sure to leave the pod holder closed. Simply press the size button again. Opening the pod holder will automatically eject the pod.


We are participating in the Nespresso recycling program! When emptying the used pods in the collection drawer, please place them in the special Nespresso recycling bag.

Once the bag is full to the indicated line, it should be taken to an approved drop off location.

Coffee Requests

If you would like to try a flavor that we do not have, you can make a request to purchase a sleeve of that flavor with the next order by emailing your request to Ariel. You can find a list of coffee flavors on Nespresso's website. The requested flavors must be available as "Original" capsules. This list shows the flavors available for residential machines, so we may not be able to order all of them (for example, the Chiaro flavor is not available for orders placed through a professional account). There is a list of flavors approved for professional accounts, but it is not comprehensive and we have successfully ordered several flavors not on that list.


Day-to-Day Maintenance

After using the machine make sure that the area is clean. Wipe up any spilled coffee. Refill the water tank if necessary.

Weekly/ Bi-weekly maintenance

Remove the front part of the machine. Empty out old and used pods from the machine container into the pod specific recycling bin (please do not throw these into the normal recycling bins). You should also remove the front "drip tray", pour excess coffee down the drain and rinse the plastic pieces.

Occasional Maintenance

The machine should be descaled at least once a year. However, given how much we might end up using the machine, we should descale once every 3 months. This helps keep the machine running well and makes the coffee taste better!

  1. Remove capsule and close lever

  2. Empty drip try into used capsule container

  3. Fill the water tank with 0.5 L of water and add the nespresso descaling liquid

  4. Place a container (minimum volume 0.6L) under the coffee outlet

  5. Switch the machine on, wait until it is ready

    • Blinking light: heating up. Stead light: ready

  6. Press both coffee buttons simultaneously for 3 seconds. They will start blinking

  7. Press the lungo button and wait until the water tank is empty

  8. Refill the water tank with the used descaling solution collected in the container and repeat the previous step

  9. Empty and rinse water tank. Fill it with potable water

  10. When ready, press the lungo button to rinse machine.

  11. To exit descaling mode, press both buttons simultaneously for one second. The machine is now ready for use.

Caution: Descaling solution can be harmful. Don't touch with bare skin.

A helpful tutorial video can be found here:!/Pixie/instructions/descaling/video

Further instructions and answers to maintenance questions can be found under this link:!/Pixie/instructions

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