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How to submit grants at Penn

Important people

Grants Manager

The linguistics department grant manager is Karina Czoka. She gave me the following instructions:

You should let me know when you are thinking about applying for outside funding. In some cases the sponsor allows PIs to apply on their own, but with any federal award and with lots of other foundations, the proposal would need to be signed by an Authorized Official (someone from ORS) for the submission. All requests for funding should be routed through PennERA to get all internal approvals before they are submitted to the sponsor, whether it’s required by the sponsor or not, that’s a Penn policy.

One of the main reasons we need to see the proposal before submission is to review the budget to make sure everything that needs to be included is there (like benefits and overhead) and everything is calculated correctly and with the current rates. We want to avoid needing to go back to the sponsor to request a budget revision because something was left out of the proposal budget.

Generally, if you are thinking about applying you can give me a heads up at any time. If there is an RFP or solicitation I can review it to confirm what exactly will be required for the proposal submission. I will need all final proposal documents at least 6 business days before the proposal due date, in order to review everything, create the PennERA record, complete the internal approvals and get the record to ORS by their deadline, which is 3 business days before the due date. I can review a budget at any time in the proposal process.

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