Database frontend

Information about the lab's database frontend


The lab's database frontend is a collection custom apps built by Katie in ReTool.


Lab members are invited to join the lab's ReTool. Once invited, they will be asked to setup two-factor authentication via a Google phone app. Lab member instructions are available here:

page4. Working with lab data

Permission groups

Access to data is controlled via permission groups inside ReTool. While Katie must invite new lab members to ReTool, the lab manager may add existing users to our IRB protocol permission groups.

All Users and training

Lab members are automatically added to the All Users and training groups. This allows users to access the database dashboard and data associated with the training project.

IRB protocols

Access to data within the database as well as our coding apps are controlled via IRB protocol groups. Each group is named after one of our IRB protocols and lab members are added to these groups when they have been officially added to the IRB protocol by the Research Review Board. The lab manager adds and removes users from these groups in ReTool when they are no longer active in the lab or their access to the IRB protocol expires.


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