What we use calendly for

  • Scheduling child subjects

  • Automatically sending confirmation emails

  • Keeping scheduling organized

How it works

Lab members specify when they are available to run subjects and send scheduling links to participants. Participants see a screen like this:

Participants sign-up for a study in one of the available time slots. All Calendly events are linked to our Running Room google calendar, so there is no risk of booking two participants at the same time. Note: this is NOT linked in any way to your personal calendar.

Calendly sends a confirmation email to both the participant and our lab email AND creates an event on our lab google calendar. You can likewise cancel and reschedule appointments via the Calendly website (see below for details).

If you have any other questions you can refer to this helpful tutorial or ask anyone in the lab!

Set up your scheduler/event

  1. Press “New Event Type”

  2. Press “Create” under “one on one” event types

  3. Under event type write “Study with {YOUR NAME}”, under location write 3401-C Walnut Street, Room 472, Philadelphia, PA 19119, choose a color and press Next

  4. Set event duration time for 60 minutes (even if your study is shorter, to accommodate late participants). Then, under date range press “edit” and select a date range for when you can be scheduled (most likely until the end of the semester)

  5. Click on the calendar to edit your availability those days. You can always come back and edit your availability.

  6. Under advanced set Availability increments as 30 min (people can sign up for times that start at 1:00 or 1:30, for example) and set Minimum scheduling notice as 24 hrs. Press next.

  7. You have now set up your scheduler!

To edit your available times press your event on the home page and then press the When can people book this event? Editing this section is the same as above.

Rescheduling an appointment

If you need to reschedule an appointment you can do so over the Calendly dashboard. Rescheduling like this will automatically send an email to the participant. You must also call or email them directly to apologize for the change.

Canceling an appointment

Be sure to EMAIL with an apology and a link to reschedule. Cancel the appointment in the Calendly dashboard and include the reason. This automatically sends a cancellation email to the participant.

The Lab Google Calendar

All scheduled appointments will automatically appear in the google calendar under Running Subjects (green). This application will automatically not allow double scheduling with other “Running subjects” events on our shared calendar. Changing the duration of the event or trying to delete the event on the shared calendar will prompt you as to whether to send an email to the participant informing them of the change and what to put in that email. If you ever do need to cancel/change the time of an appointment it is better to do it via the Calendly website rather than on the google Calendar. If you ever need to reschedule/cancel be sure to email the participant!

Each event is automatically labeled “[participant name] and Child Language Lab”. If you click on this event, you will see who is running this participant and the information the participant provided when scheduling the appointment.

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