Hiring people

How to hire people

Regular full time staff

most often used for postdocs and research coordinators

I've gone through this process twice now and it's been different both times. I don't think it's worth writing out exactly what to do. The main parts are: you'll be in touch with Regina, Brian, and Sean; you'll have to submit a PIQ; and you'll use the Applicant Tracking System. Both times, Brian has guided me through the process and it's been fairly painless.

Temporary extra person

most often used for summer students from other universities

According to Brian in HR, you can hire a Temporary Extra Person as long as they're not enrolled as a student at Penn. You just fill out this electronic form to request approval for the hourly rate. That's it.

Staff hired in this way must work fewer than 30 hours per week, but their hours can vary each week.

Brian says there's no official job posting. Most people just manage their own search by sending to email lists, posting on their website, etc.

Hiring student employees

applies to master's and undergraduate students at Penn

Student jobs are posted on the Student Employment Website by our Student Employment Management System (SEMS) coordinator (Amy). Amy will post your job if you send her this info:

  1. Which category you want to advertise for, or if you want to advertise for both categories

  2. What fund you are going to use for the wages and the start/end dates of the job

  3. A title for the job advertisement: RA, Data Entry, Lexicographic Assistant, Annotator

  4. A job description

  5. Qualifications needed: specific software, specific language fluency, other specific skills

  6. Job Level and the specific pay rate.

  7. Hours per week. This can no longer be a range. I’d put in the max and explain to the student that some weeks might be less.

  8. Number of positions available.

  9. Any other instructions: CV’s to facultyname@ling.upenn.edu. Will you accept telephone calls about the ad? Email only?

After the job is posted, applicants will send their materials wherever we requested in (9) above. We interview, request references, and then make an offer to our top candidate.

When a student accepts, they'll need to do some on-boarding things.

Student pay scales

The minimum pay is $7.40/hour (for entry level) and the maximum is $13.00/hour (for "highly developed skills"). Amy can share a detailed break down of this pay scale, but I don't bother with it. The living wage in Philly is $12.94.

You can pay students more than $13.00/hr if you send Jen McCart a justification (why they are at a level above "highly developed skills").

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