Aftercare partnerships

How we create partnerships with aftercare programs in Philly


You'll need access to the Philly-schools-and-daycares google sheet and Hubspot.

Step 1: Find programs

Look up possible schools, daycares, and summer camps on the Philly-schools-and-daycares list.

  • Start with schools we have used in previous years (provided our notes say it is ok to go back)

  • Then go to schools for which we are the owner and/or “lead source”.

  • If there are no more, meet with Katie to plan who we should contact

Step 2: Email directors

Send an email from HubSpot to the contact listed on the Philly-schools-and-daycares list for that school

  • Add the contact person (usually director) as a contact in Hubspot if they are not listed already

  • Leave the Salesforce ID blank

  • Enter the name of the school or camp as the company name

  • Use the Recruitment email (for schools, camps, and daycares) in Hubspot

Step 3: Document contact

Make sure we keep track of who we have contacted, when. We do this in two places (1) Hubspot, for our internal records, and (2) Philly-schools-and-daycares list, a shared document between labs that frequent schools and camps.

Update HubSpot

Track who we've contacted in HubSpot by putting the aftercare into the “deals” pipeline (same one we use for participants) . We use this information to understand our success rate, what works and what doesn't, etc.

  • Go to "Deals" under the "Sales" taskbar

  • Create a new deal

    • The name should be “<<School or Camp Name>> - Aftercare”

    • Set the deal stage to “sent recruitment email”

  • If they don’t respond after 3 days, send a follow up email

    • Change the deal stage to “sent follow-up email”

  • If they make an appointment to talk with you in person or over the phone

    • Change deal stage to “appointment scheduled”

  • If we go there to run kids

    • Change deal stage to “participated in study!”

  • If they decline:

    • Change Deal stage to “Unsuccessful”

    • Select “Declined to participate” as closed lost reason

  • If they don’t respond to follow-up:

    • Change Deal stage to “Unsuccessful”

    • Select “No response” as closed lost reason

Update shared list

Let the other developmental labs know who we have contacted and claimed.

  • Update the “Contact Log” and “Last contacted” date on the Philly-schools-and-daycares list.

    • E.g. reached out to the director; she agreed to a meeting (or declined to participate, etc).

  • Also update the director contact information if you are giving additional details (e.g. name or another email to use)

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