Round table

How to lead the weekly round table meeting

Each week the lab manager hosts our Round table meeting, a support group for all of the Grad students and RAs in the lab. Lab members go around the table and say what their goals were for last week, how it went/what they need help with, get support/advice, and then set goals for the following week. Here's how to host the meeting:

  • Begin meeting with any lab-wide announcements or reminders

  • Go around the table, giving each person ~10 min

    • Remind the person of their goals from last week (see lab announcements summary).

    • How did it go? Ask if there is anything they want advice or support on: Anywhere you are stuck? Anything outside of the lab you are struggling with and want the group’s input?

    • Invite the rest of the group to give advice

    • Ask them what are their goals for next week?

  • After the meeting

    • Send a summary of next week’s goals on the #Lab Announcements channel.

    • Add any action items or support tasks to Todoist

      • For RAs, best to add everything

      • For Grad students, just add what they need support on (or if Katie, you, or an RA needs to do a task to assist them)

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