Run experiment protocol

Protocol for running an experiment

Running in person

Pre-run checklist

  • Before the participant arrives:

    • Add them as a participant in the participants table of our database

    • Gather the supplies you need (computer, headphones, iPad, consent forms, etc.)

    • Setup the experiment (go to participant URL, check screen brightness & volume, etc.)

  • After the participant arrives:

    • If run in lab: request consent via consent form, describe the study, and answer questions

    • If child: request assent

Run checklist

  • Begin the audio recording

  • Ask the participant to put on lab headphones and check whether they can see the screen ok

  • Run the experiment, making sure to enter the proper URL variables (pid, rid, eid, loc)

  • Write down the random_id and any notes you want to remember on the datasheet

Post-run checklist

  • After the experiment, before the participant leaves:

    • End the experiment and stop the audio recording

    • Debrief the participant and thank them

    • Compensate them:

      • If a SONA participant, explain they'll get course credit

      • If a child participant off-site, let them choose a book

      • If a child participant in-lab, let them choose a book and offer $5 to parent

  • After the participant leaves:

    • Save the audio recording to the Google Drive folder

    • Update the run on the runs table with withdrawn, withdrawn_reason, all_data_saved, permalink_media, and notes

    • If child participant: update Salesforce with participation

Running online

Coming soon....