Use the bug tracker

How to use our lab's bug tracker

What is the bug tracker?

The bug tracker is a project in our basecamp used to track lab bugs. Bugs are just things that need to be fixed or one-off chores. Here's what it looks like:

Bug Tracker project in basecamp

How to use it

Everyone in the lab is responsible for adding encountered bugs and trying to fix them.

Add a bug

Add new bugs to the Bug Inbox by clicking on the menu icon (three horizontal lines) and selecting Insert a to-do.

Fix a bug

If you think you can fix a bug, assign it to yourself and drag it to In Progress. This lets everybody know you're working on it.

Check in on stuck bugs

If you notice a bug has been stuck in the Bug Inbox or In Progress for a while, check in and offer to help. If you find out there is a good reason nobody has solved it, say so:

We've looked into it and this is going to be really expensive and/or time consuming to fix because [reasons].

Assigning bugs to Katie

Only do this if you've tried tons (and tons) of things and everyone is truly stumped or stuck. This usually happens when a solution requires spending money.

Common recurring bugs

Things that tend to come up often and how to fix them.

  • Technology is broken: If the wifi is slow, the computers won't turn on, or any other tech related bug comes up, you should try googling and then contacting our LSP, Rich King (cc Katie).

  • Running low on supplies: If we're out of coffee, pens, or other things we need to comfortably do our work, our research coordinator will see the bug and take it as a cue to place an order.

  • Running low on subject fees: If we're almost out of cash, the research coordinator can re-load the debit card so someone can take out more. If we're out of ClinCards for aftercares, Katie needs to request more.

  • Something is dirty: Workers often need ceiling access in or near our lab and they sometimes make a mess and forget to clean it up. If you notice dirt or debris around, it's a bug. Contact James Trumbo (and CC Katie). If no-one has been by to vacuum or empty trash in a really long time, that's housekeeping. We should email Amy about this.